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Ashtavinayak Enterprises, an association of Technocrats specialized in various fields of Engineering, have introduced cut wire shots by name "BAPSHOT" of various materials including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (SS), Aluminium, Zinc, Plastic etc.

The EDGE of

Today infact there are many cut wire shot manufacturers, but generally do not possess wire manufacturing facility, so they have been using purchased drawn wire from outside sources. Thus, there is no authentic control on quality & specification of wire they are using. The wire comprises 85% value whereas the other process of cutting and conditioning holds the rest in cut wire shots, so it is a pre-requisite that the source of wire quality should be effectively handled. Our team manufacturing BAPSHOT are having a hard core experience in wire manufacturing and also have the required facilities.
So we are in a better position to ensure quality norms what we have mentioned. Since the Introduction of ?Cut Wire Shots? on virtue of it's multi-utilistic aspects, has increased it's market share today. The cost appear ? more than Cast Steel shots per kg, but it delivers much better results on performance and cost effectiveness, make it cheaper to Cast Steel Shots.

Application of (Steel Cut-Wire)

Blast cleaning, descaling, rust removal, deburring or rough surfacing. It is also used for peening operation and stress relieving as well.
It can be used as a blast cleaning media to remove various forms of surface contamination from a broad spectrum of steel or foundry products
Also used in peening to increase the fatigue life of metal parts, such as jet engine turbine blades, automotive springs, or heavy equipment crankshafts. Accomplished by pelting the surface of a metal part with round metallic shot thrown at relatively high velocity. Each shot acts as a tiny peen hammer, imparting to the surface small concave indentations or dimples in the surface of the metal.

Typical Applications include:
  • Aluminium Engines
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Surface Preparation
  • Brass pipe fittings
  • Stainless plate profiling
  • Stainless utensils
  • Operating instruments
  • Aerospace
  • Paving Stones
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